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HCRAG Library

Any Guild member who wishes to borrow an item from the HCRAG Library should contact our Librarian, Kathy Donovan, by 12:00 noon on the day before our meeting and she will bring it to the meeting. Kathy can be reached at 908-755-1670 or

We have received two major donations to our library. We wish to thank Mary Jo and Karl Gimber; their downsizing has caused our library to grow. We also wish to thank Kathy Maguire for her generous donation of her rug hooking books to our guild. Between the two over 25 pieces have been added.

Kathy will be bringing an assortment of these new additions to each meeting for the next several months. Be sure to come to the January auction as there were lots of duplicate books which will be offered for sale at that time.



Association of Traditional Hooking Artists
Rug Art Past and Present. A Collection of 50 Rug Patterns to Reproduce, 2014

Batchelder, Martha
The Art of Hooked Rug Making, 1947

Betterton, Shiela
Rugs From The American Museum in Britain, 1981

Beyers, Jinny
Color Confidence for Quilters, 1992

Bianchini, F. & Corbetta, F.
The Complete Book of Fruits and Vegetables, Illustrations by Marilena Pistoia, 1976

Black, Elizabeth
Hooked on the Wild Side. Ed VIII, Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2004

Boswell, Thom, Editor
The Rug Hook Book, Techniques, Projects and Patterns for This Easy Traditional Craft, 1992

Brown, Barbara Evans
Preserving the past in primitive rugs. Ed III, Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 1999

Burton, Mary Sheppard
Educational Standards: ATHA. A handbook for Students, Teachers, Judges, 1985

Burton, Mary Sheppard w/ Mary Ellen Cooper
A Passion for the Creative Life; Textiles to Lift the Spirit, 2002

Buttler, Pris

  1. Basic Design and Drawing Techniques for the Rug Hooker. 2000
  2. Easy Lettering Tips for the Rug Hooker, 2000

Carroll, Barbara & Lais, Emma Lou
American Primitive Hooked Rugs, 1999

Carter, Judy
Hooking Animals How to Bring Animals to Life in Hooked Rugs, Stackpole Books, 2014

Chiasson, Father Anselme (Ed)
The History of Chetiacamp Hooked Rugs and their Artisans, 1988

Cooper, Kathy & Jan Hersey
The Complete Book of Floorcloths, Lark Books, 1997

Coughlin, Linda Rae
Contemporary Hooked Rugs: Memories and Themes, 2006

Cross, Pat

  1. Purely Primitive: Hooked Rugs from Wool, Yarn and Homespun Crafts, 2003
  2. Simply Primitive Rug Hooking, Punchneedle and Needle Felting, 2006

Darr, Tara

  1. Tradition in the Making: Wool Rug Hooking – Pillows, Footstools, Rugs, 2005
  2. Wool Rug Hooking; Pillows - Footstools - Rugs, 2005 Tradition in the Making: Wool Rug Hooking – Pillows, Footstools, Rugs, 2005

Davies, Ann & Emma Tennant
Hooked Rugs, 1985

Delamare, Francois & Guineau, Bernard
Colors. The Story of Dyes and Pigments, 1999

Di Franza, Happy and Steve
Hooking Fine Gifts, 16 Projects for Rug Hookers, 1992

Dufresne, Gail
Geometric Hooked Rugs Color & Design, 2010

Eaton, Doris
A Lifetime of Rug Hooking, 2011

Field, Jeanne
Shading Flowers The Complete Guide for Rug Hookers, 1995

Fitzpatrick, Deanne with Susan Huxley
The Secrets of Planning & Designing Hand-Hooked Rugs, 2005

Grayson, Debra Maltzman
The Pattern Library. Rugs and Wall Hangings, 1984

Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum
Descriptive Catalog of E.S. Frost & Co’s Hooked Rug Patterns, 1970

Halliwell, Jane E.
The Pictorial Rug. Ed V Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2000

Harris, Patricia Smith
Designs by Tish – Patterns for Traditional Rug Making, 1981

Herr, Patricia
Rags to Rugs, 2008

Hinchcliffe, John & Jeffs, Angela
Rugs from Rags, 1977

Homespun Media
Primitive Quilts & projects Magazine for the primitive quilter, rug hooker & stitcher (with pattern sheet), 2012

Hornafius, Pat
Victorian Cottage Rugs How to Hook 16 Traditional Patterns, 1995

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth
Rugs: Designs-Patterns-Projects, Oxmoor House Inc., 1979

Keeley, Hazel Reeder
The ABC of Rug Making, Home Craft Course, Volume 24, 1947

Kemp, Barbara & Margaret Shaw
Punchneedle Embroidery Folk Art Designs, 2006

Kent, William Winthrop

  1. Rare Hooked Rugs and others both antique and modern from cooperative sources, 1941
  2. The Hooked Rug, 1930 (1971 reprint)
  3. Hooked Rug Design, 1949

Ketchum, William
Hooked Rugs: A Historical and Collector’s Guide, How to Make Your Own, 1976

Koehler, Doris H.
Color and Contour for Hooked Rugs (flowers and fruit, fine shading), 1964

Kopp, Joel and Kate
American Hooked and Sewn Rugs; Folk Art Underfoot, 1995 (reprint of 1975)

Koserowski, Laurette and Stimmel, Ginny (Editors)
Projects for Fiber Art Lovers: Country Coordinates to Quilt, Hook, Stitch and Paint, 2006

Lawless, Dorothy
Rug Hooking & Braiding for pleasure and profit, 1962

Liebetrau, Preben
Oriental Rugs in colour, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1973

Linsley, Leslie
Hooked Rugs, An American Folk Art, 1992

Littenberg, Anne Marie
Hooked Rug Landscapes. Ed XIV Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2009

Logsdon, Roslyn
People and Places: Roslyn Logsdon’s Imagery in Fiber. Framework Series Edition, 1998

Lovelady, Donna
Rug Hooking for the first time, 2003

Marshall, Jessie Armstead
Bed Rugs; 18th & 19th Century Embroidered Bed Covers, 2000

Masters, Margaret Hunt and Robert L.

  1. Master Designs, “Tapestry Hooking” (a catalogue with numbered and shaded charts pertaining to the designs in this catalogue)
  2. Keeping in Touch (addendums to the Master designs) August 1, 1967 through January 1969

McCauley, Kathryn
Decorative Arts of the Amish of Lancaster County, 1988

McGown, Pearl K.

  1. Color in Hooked Rugs, 1954
  2. The Dreams Beneath Design: A Story of the History and Background of the Designs of Hooked Rugs, 1949
  3. The Lore and Lure of Hooked Rugs, 1966
  4. You...Can Hook Rugs, 1951

Miller, Kris
Introduction to Rug Hooking A Beginner's Guide to Tools, Techniques, & Materials, 2015

Minick, Polly
The Americana Collection Hooked Rugs by Polly Minick, 2007

Moshimer, Joan
The Complete Book of Rug Hooking, 1989 (reprint of 1975)

Norwood, Cynthia Smesny

  1. Creating an Antique Look in Hand-Hooked Rugs. Ed XII Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2008
  2. Primitive Hooked Rugs for the 21st Century, 2015

O’Neill, Edyth C.
Rugs for My Red Cape, 2004

Osicka, Sibyl
Creative Journey into Rug Hooking, 2006

Oxford, Amy
Hooked Rugs Today, 2005

Oxford, Amy
Hooked Rugs Today IV: Expect the Unexpected, 2009

Peladeau, Mildred Cole
Rug Hooking in Maine 1838 - 1940, 2008

Putnam, Dorothy Parks
Beautiful Braiding, 1960

Rex, Stella Hay
Practical Hooked Rugs, 1949

Ries, Estelle
American Rugs, 1950

Rug Hooking, Various Authors

  1. Finishing Hooked Rugs: Favorite Techniques from the Experts Stackpole Books, 2013
  2. A Rug Hookers Garden 10 Experts Teach You How to Hook a Veritable Bouquet of Blossoms Ed. IV Rug Hooking Magazine's Framework Series, 2000

Rug Hooking
All Time Favorite Hand Hooked Rugs, Celebration’s Readers’ Choice winners, 2010

Rug Hooking Magazine, the staff of
A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs I, 1991

Rupp, Jenny and Lisa Yeago
Designs for Primitive Rug Hookers. Ed X Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2008

Sargent, Walter
The Enjoyment & Use of Color, 1964 (orig. pub. 1923)

Search Press
Needle Crafts 10, Rag Rugs, 1980

Sears, Mary Seehafer & Eleanor Levie
Handmade Country, 1997

Shepherd, Gene
Prodded Hooking for a Three Dimensional Effect, 2008

Siano, Margaret w/ Susan Huxley
The Secrets of Finishing Hooked Rugs, 2003

Sopronyi, Judy P. editor
Basic Rug Hooking All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started, 2007

Sprout, Mildred

  1. 15 Years of Rugger’s Roundtable (Bound collection of the newsletters from February 1955 to January 1970)
  2. Flower Shading Manual and Design - A – Patt, 1954

Stimmel, Virginia P. editor
Pattern Designs for Rug Hookers. Rug Hooking Magazine, 2009

Stratton, Charlotte Kimball
Rug Hooking Made Easy, 1955

Taylor, Judy
Hooking With Yarn. Ed VII Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2003

Taylor, Mary Perkins
How to Make Hooked Rugs, 1930

Teale, Edwin Way
Audubon’s Wildlife; A New Look at the Birds and Animals, 1964

Thompson, Nancy Butts
Hooking On the Hill: A Rug Hooking Picture Book, 2005

Turbayne, Jessie A.

  1. The Big Book of Hooked Rugs; 1950 - 1980’s, 2005
  2. The Hooker’s Art: Evolving Designs in Hooked Rugs, 1993
  3. Hooked Rugs; History and the Continuing Tradition, 1991
  4. Hooked on Rugs, 2007
  5. The Creative Hooker, 2007
  6. Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked Rugs, Unrolling the Secrets, 2004

Underhill, Vera Bisbee with Arthur J. Burks
Creating Hooked Rugs, 1951

Von Rosenstiel, Helen
American Rugs and Carpets, 1978

Waugh, Elizabeth and Edith Foley
Collecting Hooked Rugs, 1927

Whitlock, Jan & Tracy Jamar
American Sewn Rugs: Their History With Exceptional Examples, 2012

Wiseman, Ann
Rug Hooking & Rug Tapestries, 1969

Yoder, Patty
The Alphabet of Sheep, 2003

Zarback, Barbara J.
Rug Hooking, 1975 (reprint of 1961)

Exhibition Catalog
American Classics Hooked Rugs from the Barbara Johnson Collection Exhibited at the Squibb Gallery, Princeton, N.J. Dec 1988 - Jan 1989. Published 1988



Adrosko, Rita
Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing, 1971

Ashworth, Anne & Armstrong, Jean
Green Mountain Colors
41 New Formulas for Hooked Rugs, 1985

The ATHA Dye Book, 2010
Pro Chem, Cushing, ALJO

Buchanan, Rita

  1. A Dyers Garden, Interweave Press, 1995
  2. Dyes From Nature, Brooklyn Botanical Garden Record, 1990

Christoff, Beatrice
Hooked on Transcolor Swatches, 1986

Cox, Clarissa
Anyone Can Dye – For Making Rugs, 1953

Cushing Dyes Color Chart
Dyed wool samples of all Cushing dye colors. Also an assortment of samples dyed by Margaret Lutz

deRoos, Clare & MacLennan, Nancy

  1. Prisms #1 64 Spots, 35 Oriental backgrounds 99 formulas for rug hookers using wash fast acid dyes also updated edition
  2. Prisms #2 updated 57 Straight Gradations 102 Transitionals 159 Swatch Formulas for Rug Hookers
  3. Prisms #3 Color In Motion Abrash, Watercolors, More Spots 80 Formulas for Rug Hookers Pro Chem

Ebi, Dotti
Scraps or Spots, 1979

Elliot, Jane
Color Flow, 1965
Color Flow 2, 1970

Heath, Laurice
Beautiful Wool, A Hand-Dyer’s Guide, 2002
Cushing, Pro Chem

Hicks, Lydia
Triple Over Dye Jar Method Book I formulas #1-103, 1957
Triple Over Dye Jar Method Book II formulas 104-163 & novelty dyeing, 1959
Matthews, Janet (daughter of Lydia Hicks)
Triple Over Dye Jar Method Book III formulas164-269, Cushing

Hieronimus, Ingrid

  1. Multiple Fushion Spots A Guide to Dyeing Spots & Backgrounds using Pro Chem dyes, 2004
  2. Primary Fusion: A guide to Dyeing Using Only the Three Primaries & Black Pro Chemical Dyes, 1999

Hildebrant, Virginia
Ginny’s Gems, 170 Formulas Using Wash Fast Acid Dyes
Pro Chem

Jacobs, Betty
Growing Herbs and Plants for Dyeing, 1977

Kahle, Karen

  1. Marbleized Wool: Create Gorgeous Wool using no dyes, 2001
  2. The Dusty Little Dye Book Antique Light Colors, 2004
  3. Cushing Dyes
  4. Vintage Colors Dye Book, 2005

Lais, Emma Lou and Barbara Carroll
Antique Colours for Primitive Rugs. Formulas Using Cushing’s Acid Dyes, 1996

Lamb Yankees Chapter of ATHA
Colors of life Dyeing to the Bitter End, 2013
Pro Chem

Lincoln, Maryanne

  1. Comprehensive Dyeing Guide. Ed IX Rug Hooking Magazines Framework Series, 2005
    Cushing, Pro Chem
  2. Recipes from the dye kitchen, 1999
    Cushing, Pro Chem

McGown, Pearl (in collaboration with Harriet Keyes)
The Rainbow in Rags, 1950

Mustard, Frances
Dyeing the Natural Way, 1977

Schellinger, Karen
Dyeing Wool: 20 Techniques, Beginner to Advanced,
Schiffer Publishing Co., 2010
Pro Chem

Schetky, Ethel Jane McD, Guest Editor, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record
Handbook on Dye Plants and Dyeing, 1982

Shepherd, Gene
Prepared to Dye: Dyeing Techniques for Fiber Artists, 2013
Pro Chem, Majic Carpet

Thresh, Robert & Christine
An Introduction to Natural Dyeing, 1973

Townsend, Sharon
SPNEA’S Historic Colors of America, 2001
Pro Chem

Tynan, Jean
Dyeing for Primitive Rug Hooking, 1984

Wiles, Laurilyn
Vermont Folk Rugs, Dyeing to get Primitive Colors on Wool



ATHA Newsletters: a publication of the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists

#1 Issues #2 through #15 Nov. 1979 through Oct. 1982
#2 Issues #174 through 186 Dec. 2008 through Jan. 2011
#189 through 195 June through July 2012

Collin, Carol
A notebook of photos and inspirational materials pre 2013

Pearl K. McGown Letter Service
Note there are no July or August Letters

1945 Dec. 15
1946 Dec. 15
1953 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1954 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1955 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1956 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1957 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1958 Jan through June, Sept through Dec

#2 1959 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1960 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1961 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1962 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1963 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1964 Jan through June, Sept through Nov

#3 1965 Jan, March through June, Sept through Dec
1966 Jan, April, June, Sept through Dec
1967 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1968 Jan, through April, June, Sept through Dec
1969 Jan through June, Sept through Nov
1970 Jan through June, Sept, Oct, Dec

#4 1971 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1972 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1973 Jun, Sept, Nov, Dec
1974 June, Sept through Dec
1975 Jan, Feb, April, May, Sept, Nov, Dec
1976 Jan through June, Sept through Dec
1977 Jan, Feb, April, June, Sept through Dec
1978 Jan through April, Sept through Dec
1979 Jan through June, Sept

McGown Newsletters

#1 1993 Volume 22 -- #2, 3 and 4
1994 Volume 23 -- #1 and 2
1995 Volume 24 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
1996 Volume 25 -- #1, 3 and 4
1997 Volume 26 -- #1, 3 and 4

#2 1998 Volume 27 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
1999 Volume 28 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2000 Volume 29 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2001 Volume 30 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2002 Volume 31 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4

#3 2003 Volume 32 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2004 Volume 33 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2005 Volume 34 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2006 Volume 35 -- #1, 2, 3 and 4
2007 Volume 36 -- #1 and 3

Moshimer, Joan
Handouts on hooking and dyeing

Patterns from Rug Hooking Magazine
Dyeing Information
General Hints and Articles

Rug Hooker News & Views

#1 Issues Nov/Dec 1972, Jan/Feb – July/Aug 1973, Sept/Oct – Nov/Dec 1973,
Jan/Feb – Nov/Dec 1974, Vol 1 #1 – 6, Vol 11 #1 – 6, Vol 3 #1.

#2 Issues Jan/Feb-Nov/Dec 1975, Vol 3 #2-6, Issues #20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31, Jan/Feb 1976 – Nov/Dec 1977

#3 Issues #32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 43
Jan/Feb 1978 – Nov/Dec 1979

#4 Issues #44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60, 61
Jan/Feb 1980 - Nov/Dec 1982

#5 Issues #62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71
Jan/Feb 1983 - Nov/Dec 1984

#6 Issues #72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82
Jan/Feb 1985 - Jan/ Feb 1987

#7 Issues #83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93
March/April 1987 - March/April 1989



Field, Jeanne
Let’s Hook; An Introduction to Traditional Hooking, 1996

Kahle, Karen
Color Inspiration for Primitive Hooked Rugs, 2005

Lancaster Rug Hooking Co.
How to Hook, 1997

Moshimer, Joan & Cox, Vera
Hooking and Braiding

Pennington, Mary of Prairie Craft House
Rug Hooking; Here’s How



Author not available
Geo Swap, 2003

Hooked Rug Festival At the Mill Oct, 5 & 6 2013
Photography by Mary Passserello
2 copies

Kahle, Karen Color Inspiration for Primitive Hooked Rugs, 2005



Benjamin, Jeanne
New Earth Designs, Rug Hooking Pattern to Carpet the World

Brown, Barbara
From Head to Toe. Woolen Warmth for you and your home, 1996

Brown, Barbara
Port Primitives, primitive patterns, 2000

Butler, Pris & Ancelet, Cristy
Something From Ewe Two, original hooked rug patterns. 1999 - 2008

Carroll, Barbara
Woolley Fox Primitive Rug Patterns includes: Carol Endres, Warren
Kimble, Barbara Carroll, Edith O’Neill.

Conway, Beverly
Beverly Conway Designs, 1996

Elliott, Melissa
Main Street Rugs, designs for rug making

Heath, Laurice
Fredericksburg Rugs, Fall 2002

Kahle, Karen
Wild Things, Primitive Spirit 2010 Catalogue

Kallin, Sally
Pine Island Primitives Rug Hooking Designs.

Karl Kraft Studio
Hooked Rug Patterns

Landreth, D. Seed Company
Heirloom Bulb Collection, Garlic and Flowers. Illustrated with copies of antique watercolors, 2012

Moshimer, Joan
Treasury of Hooked Rug Designs, 1985

Orihill, Ramona
R.E.O. Designs patterns for primitive and traditional rug hooking, 2002

Quintman, Judy
Quint-Essential Rug Hooking Patterns, 2006

Woolen Memories
Rug hooking patterns on linen for hooking with wide cut or primitive rugs

Zeiser, Louise Hunter
Heirloom Rugs 5th printing, 1994

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