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From the Presidents' Corner

October 2014

Wow. It is fall already. Summer flew by, with, thankfully, very few days of hot weather, and now we are into my favorite season. I have already had the heat on in my car, but not in my house. My rule has always been “no heat before Oct 15.” Don’t know if we will make that this year.

Fall is my favorite season—the colors are sensational, even if they don’t happen all at the same time, and I start thinking of making soup, blending a little of this and a little of that. My favorite soup is always “refrigerator soup” — tossing together whatever is in my fridge, some chicken base, some ginger, maybe topped with a few roasted whatever-I-have-on-hand nuts, etc. Sort of the way I dye — by the seat of my pants. I will often take a piece of fabric and just start tossing dyes onto it. It makes for great stone walls, if nothing else. Every fall I try to dye really good fall colors, based on what I see around me. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. “There is no such thing as a bad color, just bad placement.”

We have a lot on our calendars this fall, starting with our October meeting, which is our celebration of Hunterdon County’s 300th birthday. Please, please, please be sure to attend our Open House (that IS our meeting) and hook-in. Bring something to work on, bring lunch, bring rugs to share, come listen to Karl give an informative talk on tavern signs and the stories they tell. And please bring something for hospitality—we are sharing our snacks with the public. It would be a shame to run out. Be sure to read the article on the Celebration.

Also, we will be signing up for the retreat, explaining the camp 2015 registration procedure, and talking about Spring Fling. One of the things I repeatedly hear is that our guild is SO active. Other people wish they had a guild like ours. Truly. I will also say, again, that this is YOUR guild — it is only as good and as strong as the people who participate. We always have room for more volunteers.

Wishing us crisp days, beautiful colors, and a wonderful celebration on Oct 10th. —Weezie

Content for class "dashed" Goes Her

The Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild was founded in April 1977. We currently have over 130 members from nine states. The mission of the Guild is to perpetuate the tradition and art of rug hooking, to encourage creativity, to provide the means for an exchange of ideas and information and to promote educational activities to enhance the interest in rug hooking. Monthly meetings in Flemington, New Jersey offer programs for someone new to rug hooking as well as the seasoned artisan. Members have opportunities to participate in hooking demonstrations, rug exhibits, rug camps and “hook-ins”. A supportive environment is provided for those new to the craft and for those looking to refine their technique. New members are always welcome!

For more information, please contact Weezie Huntington at weezie711@gmail.com or Therese Shick at etshick@gmail.com

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